Logo and tagline

The Equinix logo is the most important element at the core of our visual expression. It represents our identity and our essence. Our tagline carries with it a promise to our customers, partners and investors alike. Care should be taken to ensure its proper reproduction.


The Equinix color palette consists of primary and secondary colors that, when used properly and in the right combinations and proportions (shown here), can create successful, integrated and effective designs that elevate our brand.


Imagery is one of our most frequently used and visible brand assets. The images we choose should reflect our values and vision and help to define our brand. Equinix imagery is sophisticated, sweeping, dynamic and powerful.


Using the right font is just as important as how you use that font. Equinix uses Gotham, a clear, friendly and professional font, for all external-facing branded communications. Explore more to learn how to correctly style text content on your project.


Equinix relies on a 30-degree diagonal angle to add
energy and structure to layouts and visuals. Expressed
through the Slice and the Chevron, these two related
elements are ubiquitous in anything branded Equinix.


Equinix solution diagrams are clear and concise. Platform Equinix is defined by a red box, and what you put inside is on the platform. Reducing the use of color and icons minimizes visual clutter, allowing for clean, consistent and easy-tounderstand solution concepts.


Equinix icons are meant to be simple and direct visualizations of complex concepts. They use consistent proportions and scaling when possible to maintain a unified look and feel.


Equinix maps are carefully defined and styled to consistently represent Equinix’s global reach. They are simple and clean and clearly show our locations, connections and key regional details.