Equinix logo with tagline

The Equinix logo is the most visible representation of our brand. Care should be taken to ensure its proper reproduction. The Equinix logo is comprised of the Wordmark and Fortress. The Fortress represents the core strength, security and reliability that drives our vision and fuels our customers success.

The origin of the Equinix name

For light backgrounds, use the full-color or two-color positive primary version of our logo. Use this version in more permanent applications, such as a poster, swag or building signage.

The Equinix logo may also appear with our tagline. This version is typically used to reinforce our platform vision in corporate assets and for more ephemeral applications where the audience may be less familiar with our company and value propositions, as a way to further explain our mission and purpose. Suggested applications for the logo with tagline include: advertising, social media, annual report, fact sheets, white papers, email marketing, events and promotional materials.

Logo color variations

Two-color negative

One-color black

For one-color printing, such as black-and-white ads in newspapers and magazines, use the one-color black version.

One-color negative: image background

For imagery backgrounds, use the one-color negative version.

One-color negative: color background

For corporate palette backgrounds, use the one-color negative version.

Horizontal logo

In cases where space constraints do not allow use of the vertical primary logo, the horizontal logo may be used.

Two-color positive horizontal logo

One-color Equinix black horizontal logo

Two-color negative horizontal logo

One-color negative horizontal logo


The Fortress may be used alone, but only in contexts where the primary logo appears in the first impression position. Examples include the back of a business card, inside pages of collateral or inside slides in a presentation.

The Fortress can be used alone in Equinix Red, Equinix Black, Equinix Carbon and white. It must always be used with a registration mark.

Logo clear space

Maintaining minimum clear space around our logo ensures it won’t compete with other graphic elements. Certain exceptions are allowed.

The primary logo

Logo clear space   web clear space   print clear space

The Fortress can be used alone

Fortress clear space   web clear space   print clear space

Horizontal logo

Horizontal logo clear space   print & web clear space

Logo placement

The general rule is top left or bottom right. These two options allow our logo to occupy highly visible and valuable layout positions yet also allow for flexibility depending on the content and medium. For templated pieces, logo placement is fixed and should not be changed.


Logo placement may occasionally vary in special applications such as business cards, digital and print banners and other unique items, where standard placement is not feasible. In such cases, the logo may be visually centered. In cases where the layout is very narrow, or if the logo needs to be especially large on signage, it may be centered vertically.

Logo lockup

The primary logo may be used to create a lockup to identify our applications and solutions. Please contact the Brand team if you need a logo lockup developed.

Product or service lockup example

  • Can be up to three lines of text.
  • Equinix Carbon divider line.
  • Text font is Gotham Medium.
  • Text and divider line color is Equinix Carbon.
  • Equinix should not be spelled out separately in the lock-up, as it is duplicative.

Clear space

  • One Fortress spacing all around for web and print.
  • One Fortress distance between logo and text.

Partner lockup example

  • Equinix Carbon divider line between logos.
  • Partner logo vertically centered and scaled for visual parity with Equinix logo.

Clear space

  • One Fortress of clear space around logos.
  • Space between logos should be one Fortress width, with a divider line between them to divide the space.

Logo Chevron

In cases where more contrast is needed to present the Equinix logo (for example: against imagery), we have created the Logo Chevron. The Logo Chevron further emphasizes our brand against busy/low-contrast backgrounds using the key element of our brand—our logo—as well as the Logo Chevron, an influential component of our brand.

Top left Chevron + logo placement with Chevron

Bottom right Chevron + logo placement with Chevron

Logo Chevron application grid


The ideal Logo Chevron application for social banners is bottom right

Vertical wide

For collateral applications, the Logo Chevron may be used in either the top left or bottom right. Left top Logo Chevron must be placed above all content.


For tall, vertical applications ONLY, the Logo Chevron width should not exceed 1/2 of the total width of document. Left top Logo Chevron must be placed above all content.

Incorrect logo usage

Do not stretch, tilt or distort the logo

Do not use wordmark by itself

Do not add additional objects or shapes to the logo

Do not modify the logo or wordmark in any way, such as scale, spacing and alignment

Do not display the logo in secondary colors

Do not change the colors of the logo

Do not apply a drop shadow to the logo

Do not place a logo over a busy background