Product, use case, concept and diagram icons

Equinix icons are meant to be simple and direct visualizations of complex concepts. They use consistent proportions and scaling when possible to maintain a unified look and feel. Each icon in our library is created in four default colors: Equinix Red, Equinix Carbon, Equinix Black and reversed out/white.

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Product icon formatting and clear space

Every official Equinix product or service gets an icon and a word mark lockup. These two elements cannot be combined. A product icon can be used in a solution diagram or an availability map to help create order or impart clarity where text or a word mark would not work. The lockup is meant to function as the official representation of a product or service and it should be used whenever possible. Besides the lockup, a product name can be typeset and treated as a design element in a layout to provide context to a headline or graphic.


  • Font is required to be Gotham.
  • Depending on use, can be all caps or title case.
  • Black is shown here; primary colors are acceptable.

Lockup and clear space example

  • One Fortress all around.
  • One Fortress distance between logo and text.
  • Can be up to three lines of text.
  • Equinix Carbon divider line.
  • Text font is Gotham Medium.
  • Text and divider line color is Equinix Carbon.

Product & Service icon examples

  • When a product or service is being referenced, it can either be part of an Equinix logo lockup or shown as word mark only.
  • It cannot be presented as a lockup of an icon and text.

Diagram usage

  • A single product icon with text cannot be a prominent element by itself in a layout.
  • An icon can be combined with its product name and used in a grouping or grid layout with other service or product icons as bullet or visual device to create order.

Incorrect icon treatment

  • Product or service icons cannot be shown as lockup with word mark or text treatment.
  • Off-brand colors are not allowed.
  • Secondary colors may be used in certain situations with specific approval from Brand or Creative Services.