We believe in the power of connection

At Equinix, we believe we are better together than apart. We’re stronger when we share the same goal. We can think more clearly when our minds meet. And we can know more together than we can ever learn alone.

At our heart we build connections. From you to other companies. And from where you are, to where you want to be. Through the power of interconnection, we spark new opportunities that are only possible when companies come together.

Equinix is where opportunity connects.

  • Trusted by customers based on our 20+-year track record of service excellence
  • Trusted as the global interconnection platform for the world’s leading businesses
  • Trusted to be the steward of the digital infrastructure assets that make digital business work
  • Trusted to innovate side-by-side with our customers, who tie their product and company destiny to ours
  • We operate in the middle of the world’s leading companies and at the center of the digital world
  • Our unique position equips us to bring our customers unmatched experience, insight and advantage at global scale
  • We have both the knowledge and know how to help companies realize today’s ambitions and pursue tomorrow’s vision
  • Interconnection secure: providing private connections that are direct and secure at their core
  • Physically secure: using advanced equipment and procedures to deliver industry-leading data center security
  • Reliably secure: delivering the highest levels of operational reliability, including a track record of “six 9s” global average uptime
  • Sustainably secure: embracing new practices that help Equinix and its customers grow responsibly
  • Welcoming diverse perspectives with an open mind and sharing ours in an honest, straightforward way
  • Striving to communicate with simplicity and without jargon
  • Providing essential thought leadership (i.e., GXI) that helps customers more clearly understand market trends and address digital business imperatives
  • Interconnection pioneers, blazing new trails to create a more interconnected world
  • Continuously breaking new ground: entering new markets, forging new partnerships and innovating new services to bring our customers greater value
  • Never standing still and resting on past successes, always investing to discover new sources of customer opportunity